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Abundant Life Christian Counseling of Southeast, Michigan can offer you help in a safe and judgment free environment, starting today!


We are dedicated to creating an emotionally safe environment  for clients… one in which each person can explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment.  We’re here to HELP YOU, starting today!

Abundant Life Christian Counseling of Southeast, Michigan can offer you hope to heal from the hurts, depression, anxiety, and struggles in your life, starting today!


Do you feel depressed, lost,  or anxious? Is your marriage or family struggling to be whole?  Are you trapped by an addiction? There IS HOPE for the hurts, challenges, and struggles in your life!  We can help you find or restore your hope starting today!

Abundant Life Christian Counseling of Southeast, Michigan can help you experience healing from whatever hurts, experiences, and emotional difficulties you're struggling with, starting today!


No matter how deep your hurts are or how broken you feel, no matter what you’ve been through or experienced, no matter how someone has treated you or how you’ve treated yourself, YOU CAN experience HEALING starting today!


Grace is the absence of judgment; while fostering emotional and spiritual purity.

Jesus died for us leading to spiritual intimacy

Jesus Christ, the Son, died for us so we can once again enjoy Spiritual intimacy with God, the Father, through communion with the Holy Spirit.

A friend is…

A friend is someone who desires the best for you, and brings out the best in you.

Relying on God

God, I need you… absolutely…
and completely… every moment.

James E. Dignan, MSLLP, BRE, CAAC, is the founder of Abundant Life Christian Counseling, helping people create emotional safety within their marriages and families, and overcome addictions

“In 1978 I (James Dignan) came to fully realize the depth of my need for Spiritual intimacy with God. Through salvation in Jesus Christ I now enjoy the Spiritual intimacy I once yearned for. With that truth in mind, I established Abundant Life Christian Counseling; a place where others can explore and deepen their intimacy with their Savior, Jesus Christ.”

– Jim Dignan, ALCC Founder

Find help, hope, & healing starting TODAY!

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